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On this page you can find manuals and how-to’s.

This page is still under development, so the information and links may not be finished. On this page we try to give full working solutions. If you have any full How to’s as for instance: Philips Hue, Sonos, send us an e-mail so we can add it to this page.

Fibaro Home Center Soft alarm

Fibaro weekly battery summary e-mail

Automate lights with motion sensors

Philips TV HTTP Control

Wake on Lan and Hibernate your pc or mediacenter


Philips Hue


Including with HC2 4 button keyfob

Greenwave 6 port for HC2

Z-wave Philips Alarm Clock for HC2

More tips & Tricks


Build your own z-wave alarm clock


The information on this page is a summary of a variety of topics to make it more easy to find a solution that has been discussed on the Fibaro forum. Gathered from: So all the credit goes to the people on the forum who helped put these solutions together, if you have any problem with the information that is shown on this page, please contact us.