Fibaro Soft Alarm

The Fibaro soft alarm gives us the opportunity to create an alarm with the sensors we already have installed in our home.

In this article we describe how you can arm and disarm this alarm with an external device like an RFID reader or pin pad.
New parts are added: (Read on page: 4, 5).
* We will discuss how you can arm and disarm your house from a scene by changing one variable.
* See that sensors are “Arming” and not armed or disarmed yet!

* Wow to simply read out the status of the Fibaro Alarm panel.

Create the following scenes:

  1. Arm Alarm Input
  2. Disarm Alarm Input
  3. Alarm Check
  4. Arm Zones
  5. Disarm Zones
  6. Alarm Result
  7. NEW: Alarm Status
  8. NEW: Arming State

Create the following predefined variable:

Name: “Alarm State”

  1. Arm
  2. Armed
  3. Arming
  4. Disarm
  5. Disarmed

The “Arm alarm input” and “Disarm alarm input” can be triggered by an input such as the 2×1,5 relay module (We connected a very simple RFID module to it).

Arm Alarm Scene
To Arm the alarm with the input, we have to create this scene. It set’s our Variable “Alarm State” and it runs the next scene “Alarm Check”.

The “Disarm Alarm” scene looks as follows:

[code lang=”c”] [
%% properties
58 value
%% globals
Alarm State

local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
if (
–if RFID Switch is triggered (>0)
( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(58, “value”)) > 0 )
( fibaro:getGlobalValue(“Alarm State”) == “Armed” or fibaro:getGlobalValue(“Alarm State”) == “Arming” )
startSource[“type”] == “other”

fibaro:setGlobal(“PresentState”, “Home”)
–kill the “Arm Zones” Scene
–Set alarm state to disarm so that the disarm scene will execute
fibaro:setGlobal(“Alarm State”, “Disarm”);


In the scene above, we check again what the sate of our “Alarm state” variable is. And acordingly kill the arming scene if it was running, and set the variable to: “Disarm” (this means it will START to disarm, but is not disarmed yet). 

Next step: Arming the house

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