Managing your lights with motion sensors

Features Smart Lights V1.6.7 – One scene for all lights in a room.


  • Easy configuration for lights and dimm levels
  • Set “on time” per light
  • Smart lights, turns lights on to correct value per part of the day
  • Smart lights, changes dimm level when lux or timeofday changes
  • Use in combination with OR without the Automatic Lights Virtual device (features work best without virtual device).
  • Turn light on again (lights that are turned off earlier than other, are now turned on again when new movement is detected. This can be used to show that the lights will turn of soon).
  • Lights do not turn on again when you have manually switched them off.
  • Lights can stay of for a set time after you have manually switched them off, so this disables the scene for a certain time.
  • Map your own variable names so you don’t have to change them to work correct in the scene.
  • The scene is easy to use without any extra coding needed.
  • You can set different lights and dimm levels per part of the day:
    • Sleeping
    • Morning
    • Day
    • Evening
    • Night

New since current release:

  • Supports RGBW lights.
  • Lights are turned off when the present state has changed to away.
  • If the current lux value exceeds the set max lux level, lights will turn off after their preset time.


[su_box title=”Changelog”]CHANGELOG:

* V1.0.0 —Initial version. Turning on the lights per part of the day by motion.

* V1.1.0 & V1.2.0

  • Adding extra function per day part.
  • Added extra debug information.
  • Adding extra checkfunction.


  • Only one instance of a scene will run now, to prevent strange behaviour and better performance.
  • Better debugging, now also possible to enable or disable Standard and advanced debugging.
  • Can now be triggered by the Light aswell. This will make sure that LUX does not turn light on directly after it has been turned off.
  • Set value of light with use of Automatic Light Virtual Device
  • Code refactoring
  • Can now call: CallLightArray( YourLightArray ) for extra lights in ExtraFunc code.
  • Preperation for Walkdirections.

*V1.3.1 & V1.3.2 & V1.3.3

  • Introduced two bugs in V1.3.0 fixed now.
  • Debug in color.
  • Small debug changes.

*V1.4.0 Beta

  • Introduced timer, all in one scene.

*V1.4.1 & V1.4.2 Beta

  • Bug fixes

*V1.4.3 Stable

  • Manual override functions introduced.
  • NOTE: NEW Variable. “OverrideFor” should be bigger then 0 when you want to enable manual override.


  • Added support for multiple motion sensors.
  • Other minor changes.


  • Dimm down time for lights – NOTE: Add new variable: dimmDownTime= 10;
  • Fix for multiple motion sensors
  • Fix for override mode turning on unexpected.
  • Many code changes
  • Overal code improvements
  • Debug better readable.
  • Removed support for Virtual device lights (variable can be removed), as all and more features are supported by this scene.


  • Extra check introduced, for turning off the lights. So it will turn on the lights by normall triggers. But Only switches off if some values are met. Such as, if the tv is on or, power usage of computer is > 10Watt it will not turn off the lights.NOTE: Add function in your code part. (see new version)
  • Now turns down lights from previous daypart.


  • Code runs much lighter!! Many improvements and less checks
  • lux average now calculated when using multiple sensors;
  • Fix: lux value refreshed.
  • Prepare for RGBW support, not finished
  • Resets override time when still motion
  • Resets from override when lights switched back on.
  • NOTE: change in your own code part the following things!1. change luxsensorID = 34; to -> luxsensorID = {34} — this means you can now use multiple lux sensors, the scene calculates the average.2. in the lightsettings change from: {23, “99”, 300} to : {id=23, setValue=”99″, onTime=300}

V1.6.6 & V1.6.7

  • Added RGBW light support
  • lights will turn off if the present state has changed to away.
  • If the current lux value exceeds the set max lux level, lights will turn off after their preset time (this is to level out sudden lux changes).
  • Small change in support for dimmable devices
  • Some issue fixing

Note: Make sure to add the following variables to the user settings:

–If the current lux value is above the maxlux, the lights will turn off after their set onTime.
maxLuxMorning = 300;
maxLuxDay = 300;

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