Wake up Light Alarm Clock

You could buy a Wake-up light or just use the lights that are already in your bedroom.
klokAnd as we already have a home automation system it is fairly simple to build.

If you can’t build it yourself. We might be able to help you. Just contact us.

How to

First these items are needed:

* The Fibaro Home Center.
* 1 Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor
* 1 Cheap alarm Clock
* 1 Power supply 12volt

Create a Scene

First I created a scene that dimmes a light slowly from 0% to 80% (could be 100 or 60, whatever you like) in 8 minutes
The light turns 10% brighter every minute.
all good.

But to actually switch it on at a certain time I had to use the days of week timer to active the scene. which means that every time I had to change the wake up time, I had to go into the Home Center interface to change it.

Set time with an alarm clock

For the next step you can use the most simple alarm clock that just beeps.

You don’t want to hear that beep (I will get back to this a little later) but we want to use the signal from the alarm clock to activate the scene we created in the fist step.

Building electronics in the alarm clock

So after opening the alarm clock, you get rid of the buzzer and soldered a capacitor on there, as we need only one pulse and not a pulsing signal.

With the voltage coming from the capacitor we trigger a transistor (BC547) that is connected to a relay switched by a 12v power supply.

The 12v power supply also powers the Universal binary sensor that we will embed in the alarm clock.

The relay now triggers one of the inputs of the Universal Binary sensor and with that I trigger the scene for my wake up light.

Because you can now do this from my bedside, you don’t have to log into the Home center for that.


We still have to set an actual alarm with sound for if you don’t wake up by the light.

In the wake-up Light from the stores, you have all kinds of safari, birds or nice sounds.. (you can just download them from various websites)

As the alarm clock triggers the Fibaro scene. You can activate any music, radio, playlist or device to hear your birds or sea…


Alarm Clock

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